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Tipsy Island

An exciting new board game where strategic decisions make or break your tavern

About the Game

In this dynamic tabletop game for 2-6 players, step into the shoes of a tavern owner on a bustling island teeming with opportunities and challenges. Equip your tavern with essentials like tables, chairs, and most importantly grog, then prepare to face island and tavern events that could either fill your coffers or empty your tavern! From Blackbeard demanding his dues to unexpected festivals luring in guests, every event is a new adventure. Your objective? Outwit your rivals and make your tavern the most popular watering hole for villagers, pirates, sailors, and hobos.

Meet The Characters


Dynamic Gameplay

Experience dynamic gameplay that keeps you on your toes. How will you claim victory? Will you focus on becoming a guild master, deck out your tavern to retain patrons, or clinch the best goods at the auction? Despite all your meticulous planning and strategizing, an island event can dramatically affect the game. Be ready for anything—like a sudden plague or a prosperity windfall!

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